Merch By Amazon Keyword Research Tutorial

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Tools I use to help me crush Merch By Amazon and in doing Merch By Amazon Keyword Research in general:

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To be successful in Merch By Amazon, you have to get the hang of so many moving parts, this includes Keyword research and listing optimisation to a large extent. For those of you who are not sure about what Merch By Amazon is, here is an article where I explain what it is and how to successfully register and get accepted fast.

In this article I will show you many ways in which you could do your Merch By Amazon Keyword Research which are not widely discussed. As always, I want to give you guys the best of the best value, so enjoy!

1. Amazon
Probably the most overlooked way of conducting Merch By Amazon Keyword Research is actually starting from Amazon. Many people look for secret ways and different gimmicky softwares, but the answer that’s starring them in the face is actually no other than Amazon. The Magic lies in the Amazon search auto-complete feature which completes the search query when you start typing a keyword. This is powerful because Amazon displays the high traffic long tail keywords which you can then use in your listing or to find profitable niches.

merch by amazon keyword research
Merch By Amazon Auto-complete

To get more suggestions, I use a free google chrome extension AMZ Suggestion Expander which you can download here and you would get results like this

merch by amazon keyword research
Results with AMZ Suggestion Expander active

At this stage, I would click onto a search query or enter a keyword manually, then I would inspect titles of listings on page 1 manually for keywords. Most listings on page 1 are ranking using keywords that are contained within them granted that they have a good sales velocity. When a customer types a certain keyword and they purchase a listing, that listing will slowly rank. The more sales the listing receives using the same keyword the higher it will rank on search results and eventually on page 1. I mention this because by now we know that keywords that are already contained within the listings that are on page 1 are high traffic and high converting keywords, so we need to extract them and use them in our listings too. High traffic keywords will be competitive, so make sure you use some other low competition keywords in order to have more chance of being found. Read on to find out how to get these keywords.

Tip: make sure you use only relevant keywords and avoid keyword stuffing because you will be penalised for inaccurate product description. Do not copy and paste listings. A good practice is to include your extracted keywords in your brand, title along with well written bullets and using the most important keywords at the beginning of your brand and title. Also duplicating keywords doesn’t help, so use the space to add more relevant keywords for more variety. The description by default, is not a ranking factor, some people copy and and paste their bullets in it and some talk about their brand or design, I use it to sell the design to the customer because it’s the first thing that pops up on Mobile and we know for sure that a huge chunk of people make their purchases on Mobile, so this should definitely help conversion.

To save time I use a Chrome extension called Jungle Scout Pro Extension which analyses Amazon pages and shows the main keywords used in all listings of pages selected. Then I include them in my listing as explained above.

merch by amazon keyword research
merch by amazon keyword research

I go in more depth in my video so make sure you watch it fully as it is really packed with value.

2. Merch Informer
This is by far the most comprehensive and essential software that you’ll need if you really want to make money in Merch By Amazon. It is a suite of tools that make research and listing so easy and time efficient. Most of my research would typically start with this awesome software and I usually combine it with on page Amazon research. For the purposes of this article, we’ll stick to the keyword research functionality of Merch Informer.

You want to go to the Product Search module in Merch Informer and type your search query. You will get all the Merch By Amazon products that have the keyword you’ve entered. If you selected search in title only, it will pull results from titles only. This is a good functionality because many people would put their most important keywords in the title giving you a more focused search. You then want to click on keyword count which shows you all the keywords in those products and the number of times they’ve been used. Now all you have to do is select the ones you feel are more relevant and include them in you listing. Start with the niche specific keywords first and don’t forget to include some generic high traffic keywords such as “gift” etc.

merch by amazon keyword research

Another great resource is the keyword cloud module of Merch Informer. This also shows you all the high traffic keywords that are being typed by amazon shoppers. What’s also great is you could check them by date in order to have an idea about when certain trends start and finish.

merch by amazon keyword research

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Here are some other keyword resources that you may find useful:

Make sure you watch my Keyword Research Video which goes through everything in detail and if you’re more of a visual person, you’ll find it very useful.

My Tools and Resources

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! Leave your questions or comments below or any suggestions you may have. I’ll see you guys soon!

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