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A powerful platform when I get my vector design elements and Merch-Ready designs.

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Merch Informer

Merch Informer can help you find untapped and profitable niches. You can stay ahead of your competitors and scale your Merch account like a brand

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Tools I Use To Make Money Online
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Book Bolt Software

AMZScout Pro Extension

With the AMZScout Pro extension choosing your next Amazon product is easy. Just follow the data.

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With AMZScout Pro, you’ll save time and frustration, allowing you to Find Profitable Niches Quickly and Start Selling.

Here are just some of AMZScout Pro’s features:
+ Products Sales History
+ Estimated Monthly Income
+ Adaptive Data Filtering and Sorting
+ Monthly Sales Estimations
+ Lowest Seller Price Information
+ Automatic FBA Fee Calculation
+ Product Profit Calculator
+ Comprehensive Listing Quality Score Analysis
+ BSR History
+ Competitor Stock Levels
+ Review Numbers and Rating averages
+ Plus More

Find Profitable Niches With AMZScout

Design Mockups From Placeit

Graphic Assets From Envato Elements

PrettyMerch Pro

PrettyMerch Pro is a supercharged version of the popular PrettyMerch Chrome Extension for Merch by Amazon sellers.
It adds more time saving features and better analytics of your sales, helping you make smarter decision about what products to upload
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Merch Wizard

Merch Wizard works by integrating your Merch by Amazon data with Airtable — an incredibly powerful yet super easy to use database application.

Because Merch Wizard is simply acting as a facilitator between your Merch data and the trusted Airtable API application — your data is never stored, or passed through a third party server. It’s safe and secure.

Using Merch Wizard from your Merch by Amazon dashboard, you can push up to 100 products at a time to compliantly sync with Airtable, typically in under a minute. Sync thousands of product listings quickly and effortlessly.

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Jungle Scout Pro Extension

The extension helps you find and validate Amazon FBA product ideas. I also use it to find profitable niches for Merch By Amazon.

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Private Coaching

Tired of looking around for the secret of success in Merch By Amazon. With so much information out there, you don’t know where to start or how to scale up! Whatever you’re looking for, I have you covered!

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Profitable Niches Subscription

Tired of spending time researching and not finding a profitable niche opportunity? Maybe you don’t have the patience to keep researching until you find a profitable niche opportunity. Maybe you want to scale up or save time on researching. I have you covered!

Grab my profitable Merch By Amazon Niche Tips Subscription today and skyrocket your earnings on Merch By Amazon.

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Book Bolt is a suite of powerful tools designed to help you through every step of the no content book process.

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