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Vexels Review

Vexels Review – How To Create A Quick Merch By Amazon Design Tutorial Using Vexels T-Shirt Maker

In this video tutorial, I do an in-depth full review of Vexels Graphic Design platform and I explain how it can be used for Merch By Amazon, KDP and any other Print on Demand platform.

Complete Full In Depth AMZScout Review

Complete In-Depth Full AMZScout Pro Extension Review – Amazon FBA And Merch By Amazon Product Research Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I go through an in-depth full review of the AMZScout Pro extension and I explain how I use it for both Merch By Amazon and FBA research.

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Merch By Amazon Keyword Research

Merch By Amazon Keyword Research Tutorial

To be successful in Merch By Amazon, you have to get the hang of so many moving parts, this includes Keyword research and listing optimisation to a large extent. In this article, I give you a complete step by step guide to Merch By amazon keyword research, so make sure you read it in full.

How To Create a Merch By Amazon Account

How To Create A Merch By Amazon Account And Get Accepted Fast

Merch By Amazon is a print on demand platform which allows you to upload your designs to different apparel products and when they sell on Amazon you get paid royalties. This business idea is perfect for anyone who wants to start a business with no upfront cost or for designers looking to get their designs out there. It was initially developed for game developers and gaming companies to quickly produce t-shirts to promote their products, and get them out to their fans as fast as possible.