How We Did 1,510 Sales And $7,410 Merch By Amazon Royalties Selling Print On Demand Products In 1 Day?

How We Did 1,510 Sales And $7,410 Merch By Amazon Royalties Selling Print On Demand Products In 1 Day?

Hey guys i hope you’re doing well!

In this article i’m so excited to share with you how I made $7K with Merch By Amazon in royalties in one day guys, which is definitely one of the best results I’ve achieved with Amazon Merch in royalties in one day. Now you might ask how I did it. Well this is exactly what i’m going to share with you in this article, so make sure you stay with me till the end.

Now as you guys might know, I’ve made a ton of money with Merch By Amazon, i documented the whole Print On Demand service product selling process in my youtube channel Mr Addie. Make sure you check out all the content i’ve recorded on Merch By Amazon. I even created a The Ultimate Merch By Amazon Course to help people that are just starting out or that want to really take their Amazon Merch business to the next level. But genuinely at one point, I wanted to focus on other things because I had so many things going on, so many projects that i wanted to scale up, because at this point Merch By Amazon was doing really well on a daily basis and I was making passive income from it, to the point where before March this year I was making around 200 to 400 sales a day and 600 on a very good day, not too shabby.

Around march this year, I started product listing to new Merch products and new marketplaces. So I was uploading some new evergreen designs and also to some holidays like St Patrick’s day, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Father’s Day etc. I just wanted to see if we could rank some new designs and to be honest with you guys, I missed the Merch By Amazon game, you know, uploading, designing, that kind of thing. Around the same time, I had already scaled up so many of my other projects that I was working on, so naturally it felt like the best time to kind of come back to it. To my amazement, on the first day that I started uploading, a few products started selling that I had uploaded that day, and I kept uploading and they kept selling, crazy. By this point, organic ranking wasn’t an issue, but it wasn’t going to be the long term and because I didn’t just have Amazon Merch on my plate, I had many other projects that I was looking after, I thought what I need to do is focus less on quantity and focus a lot more on quality and drive a lot of traffic to my listings, so that I can rank higher and basically make the whole process much faster. Because as you guys might know, organic traffic however is it’s a lot slower than paid traffic, so I said to myself do you know what I’ve got money to invest, let’s invest in some traffic running ppc ads on Amazon, and so I started running sponsored products ads on Amazon again.

If you’ve been watching me for a while you’d know that I’m all about organic traffic, I’ve been running organic traffic for a while since April 2018, because back when I started in 2017 early 2018, I used Amazon sponsored products ads and it was really good, it gave me that boost, but then April 2018 came and they shut down Amazon Advertising or what they called it at the time AMS. It was a huge bummer because it was working really well for me and helped me rank many of my products which still sell to this day. But because they shut it down I had to find another way instead of sitting there and crying about it. So I thought you know what let me become really good at driving organic traffic and ranking my products on amazon organically which is what I’ve been doing, until recently I thought you know what I’m going to focus on quality less than quantity because my time is very limited and drive a ton of traffic to it and see what happens. This is because I told you guys I wanted to save time and energy and control the amount of traffic that i’m driving, it’s like turning the tap on guys literally like that, but most importantly collecting data because when you pay for Amazon Advertising, Amazon gives you data, the search terms, you know what are the search terms that are driving traffic and most importantly what is the traffic that is converting, which then you can use it to your advantage to optimize your keywords, optimize your listings, and drive even more traffic organically. I started using Sellics tools amongst them the Free Benchmarker tool which you can get here. It’s amazing and it’s completely free. I did a video about it which explains the tool, I basically did a little review and I also explained how we did twelve thousand dollars in one day using Amazon Advertising, also with the help of Sellics tools and the Benchmarker tool. If you haven’t watched it yet make sure you check it out here. Then what I did I reinvested some of my royalty money into Amazon Advertising to rank more and more Amazon Merch products and that’s what everybody should do if you’re at a level where you can actually invest money in advertising. So up until May before June, I was making around 200 to 400 sales a day, like I said so nothing too fancy, on a very good day I would make 600 sales a day, but then came June, and as you guys know in June we’ve got an amazing holiday, one of the biggest holidays of the year, father’s day, and leading up to father’s day we’ve got Juneteenth. Two solid holidays, and I was literally rubbing my hands, it was absolutely insane. I had a few products below 10k BSR some were evergreen, which sell all year round no matter what, and some were from Juneteenth and some were from Father’s day. The entire June, sales literally went through the roof guys, and on June the 14th this happened. We did 1,512 sales with a total of $7,410 in royalties, absolutely incredible, It was a crazy sales day. I literally broke the Amazon Merch Dashboard. The amazing thing is that my advertising cost was only $290 that day. I personally could not believe it. This is why I feel like being a merch seller selling Amazon Merch Print On Demand Products is  the best business model ever as there are minimal upfront costs involved.

I had turned off so many campaigns because I was actually making a lot more sales organically than with advertising and it didn’t make much sense to keep the advertising on. So I thought to myself I’m just gonna turn off some of the campaigns that weren’t as profitable and they were selling like crazy organically and see what happens, and it was the right decision to make. Had I kept ads going on, I don’t think i would have made more money, I would have probably lost a little bit. It’s such an amazing feeling when you actually use Amazon Advertising for a period of time to rank your products and it doesn’t matter if you lose money, and the goal is to actually break even, because as you’re advertising your products, people buy them, even if you break even, you still rank that product because it has that sales velocity and that recent sales history and that’s so important in the eyes of the A10 Amazon Algorithm. That’s how you rank your product on amazon.

So let me explain to you how we achieve these results.

First and foremost, it’s getting into the right niches, choosing a laser focused target audience and using the right messaging.

When trying to get into a niche you’re faced with two choices, do you want to choose high competition niches or low competition niches. Now those high competition niches are going to be very competitive but also they have a lot of traffic, a huge audience and a huge demand. So if you manage to get yourself a decent sales rank in those niches you’ll make a ton of sales. On the other hand, you can rank easier on the low competition niches but they don’t have a huge amount of traffic and you might sell once or twice a month. For me, obviously I chose option number one. I went in with the high competition niches and the high amount of traffic which if i can manage to get a decent rank, I can make a huge amount of sales, which is exactly what happened. I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel guys, I used proven ideas, proven methods, things that are already working, repackaged them, put my spin on them, and resold them, literally like that. To elaborate a little bit more, I used quotes, design ideas, trends that were already working well and cross niched them or merged a trend with another trend and brought something from Mother’s day to Father’s day, something like that, or from Black History Month to Juneteenth and repackaged it a little bit and there you go. It worked because it was trendy, it was fresh, it was something that worked before and we brought in that idea, applied it to the trend this year, used some elements that were working this year already, and bam there you go. What I did was I studied the best-selling designs for this year and last year using Flying Research which is a keyword research tool, I’m sure that you guys know this tool. If you don’t have it guys you can get it here and make sure you use code MRADDIE to get a 20% discount every month.

So with my analysis I came to the conclusion of what are the best themes that are currently working and what other themes I could cross niche them with, what other ideas I could merge them with and are there any other ideas I could add to those themes to make them more unique, more kind of my style, and more fresh to kind of limit that competition, because by the time the competition clocks onto my original artwork which I optimized and I cross niched with different elements and made it more trendy, I’m already up there, I’ve already got the recent sales history, I’ve already got a decent BSR, so you’re just gonna have to play catch up.

Creating High-Quality Graphic Designs Using Vexels

With my improved design skills and better manipulation of my preferred graphic design software Adobe Illustrator, I made sure I created the best high-quality designs that I could create myself, I also used Vexels for some graphic design elements, I even used their pre-made designs, got some elements from them and incorporated them with my original artwork, and that made the designs really fresh. if you guys don’t have Vexels, make sure you grab my 35% discounts here. I’m lucky that my wife can draw complex illustrations, so if I needed some very complex illustrations I got my wife to create them from scratch using Procreate and iPad Pro. Once I got all my designs, the keywords, product description, everything ready, I used Amazon Sponsored Products ads for maximum exposure and getting in front a huge audience, you essentially have access to hundreds of thousands if millions of customers.

Promoting My Amazon Merch Products Using Amazon Advertising Sponsored Products Ads

My Advertising strategy is basically this, I would create an auto campaign to identify the best keywords that have a good ACoS and a good conversion, and from running auto ads initially, I can discover the best Ad placements which is really important, and then I would get the best keywords from that auto campaign and then put them in two separate manual campaigns. The first one is phrase match so that we can get more keywords and see which keywords are profitable, and then the second manual campaign will be an exact match and that will be a performance campaign. We literally put in it just the keywords that have converted and then what will happen, the auto campaign will keep generating keywords, we’ll put them in the phrase match campaign and in the exact match campaign, the phrase match campaign will keep generating new keywords and as they convert and as you get in more orders, you then transfer those keywords from the auto campaign and from the phrase match campaign onto the exact match campaign, which is your performance campaign. Now as you transfer those keywords onto the performance campaign which is your exact match campaign, you’re going to add them as negative keywords in your auto campaign and your phrase match campaign. We do this so that we don’t bid against ourselves, and this way we optimize the performance campaign, which is your exact match, and this is basically a funnel that helps us maximize our profit margin, right. At the top of the funnel you’ve got your auto campaign which generates loads and loads of keywords, some of them will be good, some of them will be not so good, and some of them will be really crap. So what we want to do is we want to extract the very good keywords that convert and funnel them down into the phrase match campaign, and eventually onto the exact match campaign and it’s basically rinse and repeat from there. Does that make sense?

This is one of the methods I explain in detail in my Ultimate Merch By Amazon course so make sure you check it out here. The course is not just about Amazon Advertising, but it’s literally about everything to do with Amazon Merch, how to run a very successful Merch By Amazon business, you’ve got marketing, design, research, how to sell your Merch By Amazon business legally, so many things guys, it’s absolutely crazy and some of my students are making five figures a month. If you guys want to check it out, click here. You don’t have to but if you guys want fast results that’s the way to go. By the way, I’m closing the course soon because I literally can’t deal with the amount of support, so if you want to register at the time when it’s closed, unfortunately that won’t be possible until I decide to open it up again for enrolment when it’s more convenient to do so.

One more thing, make sure you grab my niche subscription service if you’re struggling to find niches and if you want to find the best niches that are working right now on Amazon Merch and beyond. It could be if you’re struggling to find niches on your own, or if you don’t have time to do that research, or if you just don’t know how to find profitable niches, I’ve got you covered. it’s discounted at 50% discounts at the moment, so make sure you grab it here. With the subscription you can also get 6,000 niches which you can then use to cross niche with the niches that you already get, so don’t pass on this deal, it’s definitely a deal not to be missed.

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How We Did 1,510 Sales And $7,410 Merch By Amazon Royalties Selling Print On Demand Products In 1 Day?

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