Merch By Amazon New Marketplaces France Italy Spain – What To Do Now? Strategies For Every Tier!

So we’ve just had an announcement that Merch By Amazon is now live in France, Italy and Spain. This means huge opportunities for all of us. Let’s talk about this.

So Merch By Amazon started in 2015 and things were moving very slow, it took them a while to add long sleeves, then they added hoodies and sweatshirts, then they added popsockets. We’ve always thought that there will come a period when Merch by Amazon will be moving so fast that we can’t even keep up. It certainly feels like it lately, with the addition of new products to the UK and Germany, the release of phone cases and now Merch By Amazon going live in France, Italy, and Spain. This is really huge news and it opens up massive markets to all of us to take advantage of. If anything, it reinforces the message that Merch By Amazon is a massive success, it’s here to stay, they’re investing massively in this project and as we can all see, they’re scaling it hard. Good for everyone.

So is by far the biggest market right now with 2.37 Billion visits a month at the time of making this video, Amazon UK gets 438 million, Amazon Germany gets 458 million visits, Amazon France gets 172 million visits, Amazon Italy gets 163 million visits, and Amazon Spain gets 150 million visits. They are not huge marketplaces, all 3 of them combined, it’s like the size of Amazon UK or Germany, but still a huge opportunity. So what do you do now? I appreciate that there will be a mix of people reading this with different tiers level etc, so I’m gonna try to speak to all of you and suggest what I would personally do at different tier levels, and I’ll also mention some general advice and best practice regardless of the tier level.

Tier 10: we know that the best market is the US, but it requires a lot of slots to make a big impact or hitting a trend hard and getting lucky with a 1 or a few designs to generate a big volume of sales and get out of the lower tiers quickly. Maybe, you know how to sub niche and cross niche effectively and tick all the boxes in terms of design, niche selection, pricing, keywords etc. Let’s just say, there is a small minority of people who know what they’re doing and they’re the ones who hit the big numbers. Now what do you do as someone who’s just starting out? Now that these marketplaces and fresh, not been live for even a day, If you haven’t sold anything in the US, then delete old designs that you don’t have any hope for and make new designs for the new market places. Make sure that they are relevant to the local culture, this is why you need to study each marketplace and make designs specific to that marketplace. You can also bring over hot trendy designs from the US marketplace that you think might sell based on your research, add your spin to them and put them on the new marketplaces. Keep testing and see what happens. Try and design specific designs for popsockets for girls with trendy colors and textures that people desire to go with the latest phones, also look at the best selling phone cases and draw inspiration from them because people wanna buy a popsocket that matches their phone case which also happens to match the phone. I say popsockets because they sell like crazy. One important tip is Create the listing in the local language because trust me, people in France, Italy and Spain are not gonna search for a design in English, if you don’t know the local language which I don’t expect you to do, just use something like google translate or any translator of your choice. Deepl is a good web translator you should try. If you’ve already made sales, don’t delete the designs that made you sales, that would be hilarious if you do, don’t do it. Let them rank and use the slots that you have and keep testing with them, as you start making sales, upload more designs in the niches that brought you sales, we call this fattening up your niches or scaling. At this stage, I would suggest you only do t-shirts, popsockets and phone cases in the US because they’re the best sellers

Tier 25: if you’re in tier 25, you can afford to have some designs in the US, so leave the designs that made sales alone and delete everything else that doesn’t look promising especially if it hasn’t sold for 3 weeks, and upload targeted designs with local culture in mind. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that each country has a culture, and you’ll notice that some big hit US designs don’t sell in the UK purely because the pop culture is different. I have to say, I love the US market, just about anything sells over there, it’s great. I also do believe that some trendy designs will sell worldwide because they speak to a worldwide audience, so get inspiration from what’s already selling on amazon france italy and spain by FBA sellers and see if you can add your own spin to those designs or create a new concept of those designs with your own spin on it. Again, At this stage, I would suggest you only do t-shirts, popsockets and phone cases, because they’re the best sellers and phone cases are new to Merch By Amazon so they have a relatively lower competition.Tier 100: as you start getting more slots, start thinking about a good ratio of design in the US, UK, Germany vs the new marketplaces. But you definitely want to go in heavy in the new marketplaces just for testing purposes.

Tier 500: You wanna go in heavy into the new marketplaces and test different products. Because you wanna be the first to upload to the best selling niches.

Tier 1000 and above: go in heavy with all the products and upload to the best selling local niches as well as some validated worldwide niches, because you’ve got the slots for it. Now it’s easier than ever to add existing designs to other products or marketplaces with the multi uploader, with a few clicks you can add your bestsellers to the new marketplaces, so don’t get lazy and get to work. For people in really high tiers, it’s not a pain anymore trying to max out your slots, 1 design will now fill 63 slots if you upload it to all products and marketplaces, so no excuses there. I do believe this will make people more quality conscious and would want to upload more quality designs rather than filling up their slots with crap just for the sake of filling up their slots to be eligible for a tier up. 

Generally and this is for any tier level, if you can and you have the slots, start with your best sellers, add them to the new marketplaces, but make sure you use the local language and local search terms and keywords to start ranking your designs in those marketplaces. English is not gonna help you there I’m afraid.

This is basically gonna be a race to who’s gonna rank in the best selling niches first, so don’t be late to the party.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this new update, whatever you think, just empty your chest, pour your heart out.

In terms of products that will be available in the new marketplaces, they are everything but Premium T-shirts and Phone Cases.

There is gonna be people who will say in the comments that their account hasn’t been enabled yet for the new marketplaces, this is normal because amazon always updates accounts on a rolling basis and in no particular order, so basically chill and you’ll get them when your turn arrives, and there is no point contacting them because you’ll just get an automated message saying exactly what I’ve just said.

Make sure you check keywords for trademarks and check for copyright, they’ve given you the links in the resources section where you can do that here. Be careful as you don’t wanna get strikes on your account.

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